Av Leif Anker og Jiri Havran (foto)

The stave churches are Norway’s unique contribution to the architecture of the world. Their distinctive design and construction represent some of the finest creations of the Norwegian Middle Ages, both in terms of building technology and artistic execution. Only 28 stave churches, out of perhaps thousands, have been preserved, and the oldest of them have existed in the rural communities for nearly nine hundred years.

This book presents all 28 stave churches in Norway as well as Vang Stave Church, which was purchased by the King of Prussia in the mid-1800s and was later rebuilt in the former German province of Schlesia, now a part of Poland. The stave churches are also presented with the post-Reformation furnishings and decor that combine to give them their uniquely special atmosphere.

Tekst: Leif Anker
Foto: Jiri Havran
Format: 24 x 29 cm
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ISBN 978-82-91399-29-4
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